Town of Brillion


April 2, 2019 Spring Elections Results

The Town of Brillion had 330 total voters.


Town of Brillion Board Members


244        Kevin Fischer
16          Wayne Maile (registered write-in)


Supervisor: 2 positions

59           Levi Gibler (incumbent)
166         Dale Maile
121         Lance Morgan
138         Gary Weins


284         Sharon Ott


Brillion School District Board Members

196      Rhonda VandeHey
204      Casey Wittman
212      Jessica Krueger


Hilbert School District Board Members

10        Erin Propson
8         Tom Konen
6          LeAnn Kaser


Wrightstown School District Board Members

1          Sarah Hock
1          Laurie De Cleene



Justice of the Supreme Court

241      Brian Hagedorn
84        Lisa Neubauer


Court of Appeals Judge District 2

250      Mark Gundrum


Beginning January 2019 recycling pickup will increase. Residents will now have BOTH garbage and recycling pickup every other week. Please see new schedule under the “Government” tab, Trash/Recycling.  You can also find a calendar in the town’s annual newsletter located above the Trash/Recycling schedule.

If you have any questions or comments please email the clerk, Karen Jannette, at [email protected] If you need to reach the Treasurer, Sharon Ott, for a special assessment letter, survey or tax information please call (920) 989-1367. To speak with someone regarding zoning issues please contact Calumet County Zoning office at (920) 849-1442. For building permits please call Buildilng Inspector Paul Birschbach at 849-9274. For information regarding Forest Junction Utilities, contact Clerk, Amy Breeden at (920) 989-2100.

Thank you – and have a great day!